The Larger Forgetting

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A portion of every sale of this chapbook will be donated to
Indigenous Climate Action.

Very few works so skillfully combine such illuminating poems about place and our place in it with equally striking paintings. This exceptional book asks us to look, and look again, to pay attention, to be a witness to change. — Jan Conn for Arc Poetry Magazine

Inspired by the rapidly changing landscapes of Waterloo Region, The Larger Forgetting is a chapbook project that brings together the work of painter Amanda Rhodenizer and poet Laurie D. Graham.

Made over the course of two years, Rhodenizer’s paintings are based on source material gathered from visits to sites of ongoing development around the outskirts of the region. The loose brushwork and neon under-painting depict empty construction sites and isolated figures in stylish condo units.

Graham’s lines of poetry hint at the sounds and sensations that come along with “breaking ground” for new developments, and what’s left in the quiet moments when the trucks turn off for the day. The brief nature of the lines and their imagery reflect land in states of flux and trauma.

These are the moments of transition that are shaping the land in Waterloo, its history fraught with colonial tension and its future uses still unknown. By drawing attention to these places and moments, The Larger Forgetting attempts to connect to the fleeting present reality of these sites.