‘This day in December’: A poem about Aleppo by Antony Di Nardo

“I often think of that poem — I’ve read it at every reading I’ve given in the last year or so — and how it captures for me a time that was, a mere six years ago, and, sadly, a place that will never be again, its people vanquished. “Haram,” as they say in Arabic — such a shame.” Continue reading ‘This day in December’: A poem about Aleppo by Antony Di Nardo

A Settler Survey

On this, Settler Education’s publication day, I’d like to ask you non-indigenous Canadian sorts some questions. I’ve read some of the poems in this book in public, in Ontario, and I’ve found myself needing to first find out what audiences know about the stories and events told in this book, a good number of them … Continue reading A Settler Survey


I had a dream last night that I was taking some sort of class, a lecture course, history or statistics or something. It felt really useful and totally unrelated to my life; I was striking out in a new direction. Down the row from me the novelist Miriam Toews appeared and sat down and took a pen … Continue reading Drumroll

Al’s Records

If I lived here, I’d start gunning for a radio show on the local station. I’d call it Al’s Records, and I’d spend an hour or two every week playing the albums that occupy this house. I’d have years of material—a whole three months on Soviet orchestras alone, for example. The musical tastes contained in the A-Frame … Continue reading Al’s Records