Rove cover

Rove is a deeply moving, funny, wild-hearted, argumentative, insistent long poem—without a single false note or soft line. — Michael Ondaatje

This brilliant, large-hearted poem is where the quest of Suknaski, Kroetsch, MacKinnon, and Zwicky has gone, picking up new, idiosyncratic preoccupations along the way. How good it is to have this book. — Tim Lilburn

This fast paced book of poetry explores the ways we can exist meaningfully, through the stories, experiences, and memories of parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. This work looks at the colonial settlement of the prairies through the lens of a single family line. From prairie life, Rove then enters the vast and monotonous suburban environment. Graham also recounts an experience with memory loss as a means of understanding the evolving relationship between a mother and a daughter.

What might best define Rove is its compelling voice and the breadth of its vision. Graham gives us a voice that speaks to the reader directly and simply, and she articulates at various points a large swath of historical time in order to create a picture of a place, or simultaneous places and how they exist together in the mind, memory, and make-up of an individual.